Terms and Conditions

Please read our terms & conditions carefully.

1. Subject of the agreement​

By using and registering on our website / application you will automatically become a member of youmeverse.com (below "YouMeVerse - Love Radar") and all other White label solutions from the YouMeVerse GmbH and therewith agree to all the customer terms & conditions we implement. If you are using this service outside of Germany the terms & conditions still apply. YouMeVerse GmbH reserves the right to change these terms & conditions anytime they please to, but it will they will only become legally binding upon notifying you (the user of these changes) If a user should not agree with an updated version of our terms and conditions the users retains the right to quit our service in accordance with the limitations provided in this document / text.

2. Closure of customer-relation

The relationship between YouMeVerse GmbH and the customer will be validated with the finished registration of the user. YouMeVerse GmbH reserves to right to refuse a user access if there is a strong reason for this; e.g.: entering false personal information, or if there is a suspicion that the user has malicious intend towards the site / application and its owners.

3. Scope of services

YouMeVerse GmbH allows the customer access, via a registered account, to the social platform YouMeVerse. The operator guarantees, but is not accountable for, that a human interaction will happen in a certain time during the membership of the customer in the social network. Direct personal assistance or any other form of help on behalf of the YouMeVerse GmbH in creating contact to another member of the platform is not part of the agreement. The rights to all the existing media on the system (pictures, videos, profile pictures) and texts are exclusively owned by the YouMeVerse GmbH. The user is not allowed to duplicate, distribute, spread or pass on any of the media and texts in any commercial or non-commercial form. Unauthorized usage / exploitation will be subject to civil and criminal prosecution. This is applicable to any communication with other users on the platform as well. YouMeVerse GmbH reserves the right to limit your activity according to the restrictions set by capacity of our system. Temporary disturbances, constraints or disruptions of the services rendered can be brought about by atmospheric conditions, geographical circumstance as well as technical difficulties, halting of the power supply due to technical implementations to the systems of YouMeVerse GmbH (e.g.: improvements to the network, relocation of premises) or other measures (e.g.: maintenance, improvements to existing infrastructure) which are necessary for the correct and functional delivery of the service; as well as reasons of higher force (including strikes and lock outs). In addition YouMeVerse GmbH is not responsible for limitations brought about by Telecommunications companies.

3. Price of membership

A member costs 1 euro per year. The before mentioned price includes value added tax. Already booked membership fees are not refundable. All transactions will be done in Euros (currency). Not used services during a financial period (set by us) cannot be used in the future. YouMeVerse GmbH is allowed to raise prices whenever it chooses to, to compensate rising costs of services associated with the platform. If there will be a raising of the prices the customer will be informed of this before the new pricing structure comes to effect. During the time of a price adjustment the customer has to option to cancel the agreement he has with YouMeVerse GmbH over his membership.

4. Cancellation

Membership of this service can be terminated from either side at any point in time without mentioning or having to mention reasons. The cancellation can be undertaken under the menu item "My Account / Profile". All cancellations of the membership will get confirmation of their cancellation. Should the customer not be able to access the portal, he / she may let us know of their wish to cancel the contract via the postal way; you may use the address listed below this section.

Monndia Media Voucher GmbH 
- Cancellations - 
An den Römerhügeln 1
82031 Grünwald

6. Duties of the user(s)

Membership cannot be shared with others. Every user is obliged to treat their log in credentials as confidential. Unauthorized entry to the portal is in direct violation of this contract and will be followed up and is case to criminal liability. Moreover the customers is responsible for providing credible credentials upon subscribing and is legally obliged not to enter information about 3rd parties (esp. phone numbers) as their own. All communication on this platform is subject to common courtesy and sending of any illicit and illegal media is strictly prohibited and will be followed up in a legal fashion if the customer fails to uphold this. Notably, prohibited data is copyrighted data (except data where the person publishing it is also the legal owner) as well as data that has or could have viruses. If a user tells you that they wish not to communicate with you anymore, you are herewith agreeing to this promise in a legally binding way. Furthermore every user herewith agrees (in a legally binding way) not use the services of YouMeVerse GmbH in any malicious or abusive way. It is prohibited to display Information of any sort e.g.: email address, phone number, messenger-services, etc. on your viewable profile page. The users themselves are entirely responsible for all the content of their profile pages. Members are obliged to only use the services rendered by YouMeVerse GmbH in a private way and never in any commercial form. Commercial usage without the explicit written authorization from us will result in the blocking of your account, without the possibility to appeal or get reparation. This includes that no form of advertising or offerings of other internet portals, additional value telephone services, personal / staff acquisitions, goods and or services will be offered on this portal.

7. Chatrooms / communications bewteen members / forums

This service can enable the open exchange with other members. All messages should be humanly readable for the open public. We herewith let you know that all the messages send on this platform can be and are allowed to be read by the operators regardless if they are directed at them or not. The customer is aware that YouMeVerse GmbH uses Animators and operators for communication between the clients which will not be specially labelled by the system. Members assure us not to transfer, publicize or in any other way make public any defamed, untrue, offensive, threatening or illegal content. Interventions in alien Living- or personal-space is strongly prohibited. It is also prohibited to ‘spam’ chat rooms, and not to uphold common courtesy or a deliberate intervention of dialogues. Members agree not to sell / deal goods or services on this portal without a written approval from our behalf. In case of a violation of this agreement we reserve the right to block the users access to the portal temporarily without the possibility for you the user to claim reparation.

8. Accountablility

Every unlimited liability of the service for losing performance, mistakes, neglect, breaks, adjournment, deletion, broken, delayed forwarding, outage of the communications delivery, theft of recordings, either as breach of contract, negligence, or carelessness, or in every other case, will be strictly limited to the last 12 months’ worth of membership payments to the service. For damages of physiological, physical or financial character directly linked to YouMeVerse GmbH, the company is only liable when the damages done can be directly linked to significant neglect on our behalf.

9. Guarentees

All content is tested with the standard configurations of the latest version of any PC powered Microsoft or Netscape browser. We herewith inform upfront that you could experience complications when deactivating cookies, Java or JavaScript, when using a firewall or when using an operating system that is non-standard. Members are responsible to configure their pc according to the information provided on our “help-page” this includes but is not exclusive to network configuration, access to the internet, software and plugins. Because of the large quantity of possible wrong configurations YouMeVerse GmbH rejects all guarantees associated with the following points: All guarantees for the accessibility, compatibility, completeness, content of the information, products or services. Furthermore all guarantees for the practicability or the condition for the usage for a specific purpose.

10. Notifications

All notifications from the service to its customers can be send as an electronic message (email or text), as a general announcement or via conventional mail delivery. Notifications from the users may be send via electronic messenger, conventional postal or telephone. All questions, complaints or notifications to the service have to be send with the name and email the user used for signing up to this service and have to be send to the following address: support@youmeverse.com

11. Youth-protection provisions

The user reassures us the he / she is at least 16 years of age and that he / she can therefore uphold this agreement on all points. Minors are advised to consult their legal guardians (e.g.: parents) about using this service. The member further is obliged to not give people under the age of 16 access to the portal is himself / herself responsible for the non-disclosure of his / her credentials to family, friends or contacts. Upon a request from us the member is liable to give prove his / her age by submitting a passport or copy of their legal personal identification card.

12. Protection of user data

In the scope of the contractual value performance personal data of the customers, e.g.: age, sex, postal code, phone number, results of the questionnaire, uploaded pictures will be saved, processed and used. Personal data are details about personal or factual conditions of a specific or assignable customer. Just personal data which the user sends to the carrier will be saved and / or used. The user is also acknowledges that they are in an open environment while using the service provided by the carrier and should therefore be sensible in issuing or providing personal data (e.g.: religious affiliation). In addition the user knows that with agreeing to use positioning systems their position will be established via GPS, Mobile communications / or wireless –based. If you supply us with your personal data we will only use this to answer your questions, or to process signed contractual agreements for our technical administration. Your personal data will only be passed on to 3rd parties or others if it is necessary for the purpose of validating your contract with us or for accounting purposes or if you have agreed to the use before. You reserve the right to cancel an ordered acceptance on your behalf for future outcome. The deletion of personal data will take place when you recant your agreement to save your data, if your knowledge of compliance to the saving data is not needed anymore or when saving of your data is not is unlawful due to other laws. The personal usage settings the customer enter when using the service will also be saved. This is done so the user will find their personal settings when logging onto the service again (in a new session – for every log in). All log-ins, access to our service and access to points on individual pages will be recorded through saving data. The saving of data serves an internal system and -statistic related purpose. Recorded data includes (but is not limited to)The name of requested data, date and time of the request, amount of the send data, notices of successful requests, web browser and requesting domain. In addition to this the IP address of the requesting machines will be saved. The Google Inc. Uses cookies and advertising displays on your website as a third party. Through the usage of the DART-Cookies we enable Google Inc. to see how many page views users make and we enable them to post advertising on our and all other websites in the web. The use of DART-Cookies can be deactivated by the user. The operator of the site explicitly lets the user know that data protection and data transfer in an open network according to the latest technology as well the World Wide Web cannot be completely guaranteed. For the security of data published by the user online, the user themselves is solely responsible. The operator will comply with a user’s demand (through postal request with mandate and a valid copy of their passport) to see their saved data, as long as it is about the user, in its entirety and without charge.

13. Copyright

The materials on the portal are exclusively for private non-commercial use by users of the portal / service. All other usage is strictly forbidden. Apart from 'Public Domain' material and electronic messages all published content is under copyright protection of the service or other suppliers and is not allowed to by copied or marketed on to other, apart from when the service (operator) gives written and explicit approval.

14. Other

Should a part of this agreement become invalid or is invalid, it does not affect he validity of the rest of this agreement. If this be the case a similar point, or at least reflective of the same circumstance, will be used as the alternate legally binding ruling of the case. The parties agree to use this alternate clause to come to an economically equal / similar outcome if they did not know of the invalidity of the original clause. The same applies to the incompleteness of any before mentioned provisions. In case of a legal dispute the place of jurisdiction will be the place where YouMeVerse GmbH is based at that point in time; if the member does not have any place of jurisdiction in Germany or if the member changed their address to one outside of Germany after signing the agreement with us, or if the whereabouts of the user are unknown when they claim a legal challenge.

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